Sigma Computer Dockin Station 2450

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Sigma Docking Station - 2450


Connect with a PC through this docking station. The bike computers can be conveniently set and evaluated with the help of the Sigma Data Center software.

Besides showing and comparing trip data, the integrated statistics provide extensive analysis options and allow training progress to be quickly identified. 

The docking station is compatible with the following Sigma computers and heart rate monitors: BC1909HR/BC, BC2209MHR heart rate monitors.



Sigma produces an impressive range of bike lights and computers, with a history dating back some 25 years when their first cycle speedometer was released. Today, their vision and innovation has enabled them to produce high quality products with an innovative design at a reasonable price. As all Sigma bike computers and products go through in-house testing, you can be rest assured that your purchase will withstand even the harshest environmental conditions in Australia. All Sigma products are also carefully inspected for even the smallest defects and scratches, so only the highest quality products will be stocked and sold by us.