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In addition to the basic cycling functions, the BC7.16 ATS also calculates average speed and keeps track of total accumulated ride time. The large screen and its sleek design will look great on any bike. Up to 100 hrs run time.



Maximum display, minimum size

The new sleek, vertically orientated TOPLINE 2016 computers will look great on your stem or handlebar. We’ve maximized the display size and slimmed down the computer housing to show the largest, easiest to read numbers and letters possible.

Size: H50mm x W38.5mm x D10.2mm


ATS - Analog Transmission System

Newly developed ATS, analog encoded single-channel wireless transmission system sits on the fork and securely transmits the signal from the magnets to the receiver (computer head) after each wheel rotation. Unlike most computers in its class, the BC7.16 ATS will reject any other wireless signal, preventing “cross talk” when riding close to another cyclist.


Predefined tyre sizes

Setting the wheel size is extremely easy using the tire size. From 16 inches to 700C to 29 inches, the wheel size can be set easily using predefined tyre sizes. Of course, it is also possible to manually enter the wheel size in millimeters.


Relevant data

Hiding total values

During a ride, the total values are hidden: Total Distance and Total ride time.


This reduces the number of times that you have to press a button to find a function while riding. When you stop, total values reappear.


Total ride time

In addition to total distance, the total ride time (accumulation of all of your rides) can also be displayed on the screen.



This means there is "protection against permanent immersion". 


Tool-free mounting

The handlebar/stem bracket and the new ATS-transmitter can be easily mounted with O-rings or cable ties.


Bike functions

Actual Speed

Automatic start/stop

Average speed

Clock (12/24h)

Day trip

Ride Time / Training time

Total distance

Total Ride Time / Overall training time



Sigma produces an impressive range of bike lights and computers, with a history dating back some 25 years when their first cycle speedometer was released. Today, their vision and innovation has enabled them to produce high quality products with an innovative design at a reasonable price. As all Sigma bike computers and products go through in-house testing, you can be rest assured that your purchase will withstand even the harshest environmental conditions in Australia. All Sigma products are also carefully inspected for even the smallest defects and scratches, so only the highest quality products will be stocked and sold by us.